At Dance Emporium we run classes for ages 3 to adult, in a variety of styles for all abilities. Dancers can participate in our annual show, take exams and even dance competitively in a choice of styles. Don't forget to download our free app to see all our events, pics and achievements. Click here for all timetable and class price information

Housing 2 spacious, fully heated studios, our school is the boasts excellent facilities, which are fully equipped and clean. Our reception area is a bright and welcoming environment, the perfect chill area between classes
Opened by Ashleigh Lewis in 2012, Dance Emporium is one of the freshest new dance establishments in Huddersfield. With an aim to promote equality, individuality and a love of dance, DE encourages both children and adults to try new classes and discover how dance can make us all feel good about ourseleves! The teachers who work at Dance Emporium have vast amounts of experience and knowledge in their fields and are eager to share this with pupils. So what are you waiting for? Come down and try out a class today!